SoW Awards: Inspired Generation

Ruth Berkin

Ruth was nominated for this award by:  Rev. Karen Fitz La Barge

Ruth considers herself a lifelong Allegan resident.  She is very proud that four generations have attended North Ward Elementary.  Being a lifelong resident, she is very proud of her great town and tries to support anything she can.  Especially anything that continues to grow and improve the town.

She attributes first getting involved in the community through her church, First Presbyterian Church of Allegan.  She has been an active member at the church since she was about 14 years old.  Currently Ruth is a deacon at church.  She is also the one that coordinates and schedules the greeters each Sunday.  She helps out with their free weekly community lunch program about twice a month.  She lends a hand in Sunday school each week.  She calls on the sick and regularly visits those that aren’t able to get out.  Until recently she chaired the church’s annual rose sale for 20 years.

Ruth has been very active in volunteering for the Allegan Historical Society for the past 20 years.  As a volunteer she helps to give tours at the old county jail and at the historical village located at the Allegan County Fair.   In fact, last month she was at the historical village five of the nine days of this year’s Allegan County Fair.

She also took it upon herself to start a free weekly line dancing class.  Thinking it would be a great way to bring together fellowship and exercise.  Eleven years later it is still going strong and she is still the teacher.  

 Ruth is a huge inspiration to everyone that knows her.  She also has more energy, drive, and enthusiasm of many people half her age.  Her secret?  Stay active and keep moving.