SoW Awards: Innovative Spirit

Glenda Knarian

Glenda was nominated for this award by:  Lori Cimino

Despite having a tough start in life, Glenda Knarian feels very blessed.  Volunteering and giving back to the community is her way of paying it forward.  It also allows her to feel closer to Lillian, her adopted mom.  Lillian took in Glenda and her three siblings after being given up by their biological mom. 

When Glenda sees a need, she does whatever she can to help.  It’s something she learned from her mom, Lillian.  This includes rescuing animals, raising money for Relay for Life, assisting  Katrina victims by rebuilding homes or volunteering at First Church of God.   In fact, Glenda now helps to coordinate the church’s annual benefit dinner that raises money each year for a local charity.  This benefit dinner was actually first organized by her mom and now Glenda has stepped into her mom’s shoes.  Not only does volunteer with many different activities at church, she is also the president of the Women of Worship (WOW) group at her church.

Glenda has a talent for getting other people to help support her causes, which isn’t something that is always easy to do.  However her passion and enthusiasm are very contagious.  She has helped raise money every year for Relay for Life by coming up with creative fundraising ideas at the Allegan Medical Clinic where she works.  Fundraisers range from a bake sale where she gets others to help bring in goodies/crafts to Sweet and Salty Days where she pops popcorn and brings in homemade sweet treats for purchase for an afternoon snack.  Glenda and co-worker Terri Sakal also organizes a food drive at the clinic around the holidays to support local pantries.

She is very quick to note that her husband of 33 years Tim and her best friend/sister Rinda are always there to support her and lend a hand.