SoW Awards: Young Person Role Model

Allie Siegler

Allie was nominated for this award by:  Margaret Brown

What motivates Allie is that she wants to make her community a better place for her children someday.  During high school, she happily volunteered her time to help make sure no one went hungry and mentoring young kids.  She did this on top of babysitting, participating in band, cheerleading and softball – all while maintaining her honor roll status.

Each week for the past two years, she has volunteered on a weekly basis at the First Congregational Church of Allegan’s Congregational Kitchen helping to serve a free meal to those in need.  On an average week, they serve approximately 500 – 550 hot meals.  She only planned to volunteer 20 hours to fulfill her graduation requirement, but immediately found she enjoyed helping serve meals and getting to know the individuals she was helping.

Seeing how many people in this community go hungry, Allie organized a food drive through her softball team.  She also helped out with a local Backpack Meal Ministry, which helps children on reduced/free school meal plans by sending them home with food on the weekend. 

Throughout her senior year Allie was a Peer Assistant Leader (PAL), helping to mentor first graders.  Becoming a PAL allowed Allie to combine her love for children, helping people, and wanting to become a psychologist.  She also was able to see firsthand how much impact the Backpack Meal Ministry was having on these students, as well as their families.

Allie is currently attending Grand Valley State University and is studying Forensic Psychology.  Her goal is to someday work for the FBI as a psychological profiler and interviewer.  When she is able, she still plans to help out at the Congregational Kitchen.  She is also hoping to join GVSU’s PAL program.

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